Box of Magic Called Yoga

All we need is within our self (Anonymous)

I am newbie. Still have to learn a lot. But I do fall in love with this beautiful thing called: Yoga.

With yoga, I learn to enjoy (more) simple things in life which are really around me all these time. I appreciate more. Bird song in the morning, cool breeze, pure joy on  my baby girl’s face . The clear sky. Cup of warm tea. The silky-smooth of new shawl. The smell of the ground after pouring rain. All can give immense pleasure for the whole day. It didn’t come just like we tap our fingers, as it comes naturally the moment I gain more acute awareness of the present moment by doing yoga. It is like opened to a new dimension of my awareness which I can open and explore slowly.

It teaches me to calm down, listen of our true self.  It help me cope with stresses and help me experience self-realization- a connection with my self. I later realize, that our body has amazing mechanism to relieve all tensions. We, literally, don’t need sleeping pills to sleep.

Happiness is within our self. It is free. It is our choice. We can concentrate on the gloom around us, or simply concentrate on the beautiful things around us. Do we choose to hate or love and forgive? Do we let the Dementor inside our self suck up our happiness and putting fluid of negativity into our brain? Why I should holding onto grudges that keep me away from enjoying the present. Being angry, keeping hates, will never makes me feel good.

With yoga, I learn and learn to choose and react. Sure I can be angry or frustated, or I can choose to lighten up. It’s my call. No such thing as ‘born that way’ or ‘lucky’. Happiness is mindset that we have to practice. It’s not God given hence falling from the sky. With yoga, I learn how to deal with the worst situation and prepare my self. Open to grace. Surrender to something bigger that is always there to support you. There’s an old saying, when life hands you lemon, make lemonade (or perhaps gives your self shot of tequila with slice of lemon :P)

I’ve chosen to fill my life with simple things. Good books, beautiful music, family, and passion. I now take time to watch the sun set, or even look at the starry skies. I take moment to breath, and let the chatter monkeys inside my head go. I sometimes sit still, look at the morning light showering beautifully through my window . It is up to me to feed my soul the way that food feeds my body. It takes a life-time commitment. But I’m gonna make sure that I enjoy the ride. Cheers!

Namaste. (letter of gratitude, written on a beautiful morning after vinyasa session)

Do your best and turn your life into a Festival – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe