A Songket Affair


A kutubaru-style tops with handmade embelishment and Songket skirts. from Bajubaru By Reni. Love it to bits! Handbag by Gendhis , a big fan of these natural handmade bag since years ago. And yes,  semua adalah local product. 100% Indonesia!

If you wanna have different style of traditional fabric with individual design, go to Bajubaru by Reni (phone 08561033562, contact person : Ummi).  Sengaja foto ini diposting, karena selalu suka dengan hasil karyanya.

She will gives you several option of her beautiful-sketches that you can choose and discuss of how you want your dress or kebaya turned into . She can do magic along with comfortable guaranteed (her workshop is around Bintaro area, by the way).

nan-in4And as for the picture above, my pretty cousin also wore another creation from Bajubaru by Reni with Songket pencil skirt. Lookie, she was carrying Shiva clutch from Nyai !


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