Satya, The Foundation Of Trust

Why is it so hard to do something right?

Yang gue pikirin itu bukan gue. Tapi gerbong di belakang. Ada moral obligation yang tadinya membuat saya berusaha keras memperjuangkan prinsip fair and square. In this world full of people with hidden agenda, I just want to develop  the right foundation and system to ensure that we are pressing forward. Tapi sepertinya, berusaha jujur tanpa agenda, tanpa pretensi itu menjadi hal yang sedemikian rumit. Padahal semuanya sebenarnya sederhana. How to see good intention fail over the complicated agenda.

Ketika lagi-lagi prinsip dan value yang selama ini diyakini, membuatmu gamang. Hanya bisa meminta maaf didalam hati, karena merasa sudah meruntuhkan harapan sebagian besar orang di belakang saya tanpa tahu kenapa. It breaks my heart. 

Perhaps, there’s no such thing as honesty, transparency, engagement and respect anymore. Commitment to a vision, connection to others, confidence in the enterprise, trusting each other are only illusion of mine  Why certain people seeing honest as radical act? Is it really not safe to do so? I still believe that lying and stealing are horrible business practice, no matter what.

But I believe (still) it takes great courage to tell the truth with goodwill, especially when the culture doesn’t support honesty. And good intention.