Bon Anniversaire, You…


We’ve hit several rough spots.

An argument. A disagreement over a matter of little importance. A bad mood.  A misunderstanding.  Financial pressure. Bad habit. A lack of romance of him. Mine, being too grumpy.  A white lies.  Forgot huge appointment. We get angry. And so on and so forth. Name your list and it will never stop because I’m sure we all can go on and on with our list.

Marriage is not always about happiness. Healthy marriage struggle. It involves tears as well as laughs. It brings you sunshine as well as cloudy skies. But I appreciate marriage more after arguments. After our fight. After our disagreement.  I love him even more after the few times feeling of slicing him into pieces. 😀

It’s complicated and doesn’t always feel good. It’s like riding roller coaster. Sometimes it feels like merry-go round. But there are times when it feels scary with turns and twist. Sometimes it’s kiddy rides with lots’ fun and laughter. Marriage is hard and messy but it is beautiful and redeeming

But  despite all the work and the stress and the pressure, the payoff is tremendous. And the feeling is wonderful. Knowing that I have found someone to love and trust.  To know that I have someone to stay together through thick and thin, ups and down, sickness and health. To share life’s unpredictable challenge and triumph together for the rest of our live.

Marriage is hard. Yes. it is sometimes frustrating. But for me, it’s better than any fairy tale. Marriage is not easy. But it can be done. It’s worth it!

THank you, You…

For beautiful yesterdays, today and I’m sure beautiful tomorrows. Let’s take the ride together, till we grow old and grey.