Tale Of An Ambivert



I consider my self as an ambivert.

I can be social, love being surrounded by people. But I love being alone.I prefer to be surrounded by selected people with similar trait, those I can be comfortable with.

I’m emotionally stable during a stroll at bookshop, yoga session, or alone in a coffee shop, and everything in between. I’m also emotionally stable in quiet place eventho’ I’m bubbly-talkative kinda’ person. A too loud or too crowded environment drained my energy. I hate small talk. But I can be a social butterfly during my daily activities as a build-TV-from-scratch specialist.

I’m generally happy to meet new people, but I can be uncomfortable if I have to do it without any of my existing friends with me. Spending too much time with other people who are fake and meaningless-  or those busybodies, can be exhausting. I respect people with values, integrity, dreams, interest, passion and knows how to live their life wholeheartedly, and with those, I could spend hours talking and talking and nothing can stop me. Those who are appreciate the true meaning of life and be alive.

Small talk is something that annoys me, because it feels a bit insincere. That’s why I often choose to be away from the crowd who gives me many reason throwing small talk. Meh. I choose to step away from those with negative vibes. I love being surrounded by people who can stretch my way of thinking, the joy of learning stimulates me.

Yes, I’m that complicated as an ambivert. But I define my own life, choose my own freedom by my own standard. I don’t need others to set the bar.

When you’re happy with your self and your life (despite the chaos and roller coaster of life), our self worth  is never defined by others. And I’m glad I choose mine.

Carpe diem. Carpe noctem




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