This is My Soul Song, People

As an ambivert, I’m not a ‘group of friends’ person and certainly can’t keep up with all that.  A solitaire by nature.  As Lion walks alone, sheep walks with a herd. Not consider my self as lion tho. It’s just…, I prefer being alone than trapped in a group with banality and nonsense because I clearly cannot tolerate those.

I don’t despise small talk, but as ambivert, we are easily bored by small talk. I tolerate chit chat for a little while, but we need to dive into more meaningful conversation. Small talk, is not my forte.  I  won’t hesitate to withdraw my presence from nosy-busybodies people. As I can sense, guided by intuition those who fake their smiles, who really care, and those who are just being social climbers and need validation. Moreover, I strongly believe in my intuition until I know exactly those people whom you should avoid.

I might seem extrovert and bubbly, while the truth, I can only tolerate certain people. Love being surrounded by people, but still closed off and keeping to yourself. A selectively social, as certain people can recharge me but others drain the energy level. I’d rather make my limited “people” energy count by investing it into relationships that are truly fulfilling. Have no interest of trying to prove myself to certain people as well.

I do enjoy time alone, or perhaps with selected people whom I am comfortable with. I always look forward to: stay at home weekend, just relax with people you love and deeply care about, read books, cooking and yoga. I don’t like malls, large and loud venues, can be social whenever I want to be. I don’t have the urge to own the room, but need certain people I can connect with. Finding the real personality  who is willing to go beyond daily weather chat or material things, and yada..yada..yada, is like finding hidden gem to me.